Our LBF Loan targets businessmen and public and private sector employees who will get a loan based on their cash flow while ones car acts as a collateral. The loan amount can range from TZS.2, 000,000 to TZS.30, 000,000 depending on your cash flow.
We will look at the performance of your business or 3 months salaries. One of our seasoned loan officers will assess your application and business needs against risks and then advise you accordingly.

The following are the features and requirements of LBF loans:

  1. One must own the vehicle
  2. The car must have comprehensive insurance
  3. One must have National ID and driver’s license
  4. Introductory letter from Local Government
  5. Bank statement of not less than 6 months
  6. TIN Number
  7. National ID of the guarantor
  8. Passport pictures(2)
  9. For an employee one must have his/her salary slip of not less than 3 months and in this case Business License is not mandatory.